Puss in Boots 2008

Tuesday 22nd January 2008 – Saturday 26th January 2008
Venue: Perton Civic Centre
Producer/Choreographer: Janette Cole
Musical Director: Will Joy
Script By: NODA Pantomimes


REACH FOR THE STARS|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0yeIhlkFS4
KING AND QUEEN|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ba2SMSEl3Yw


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Abigail Allen, Teresa Bennett, Georgina Birch, Aimee Birch, Bethany Birch, Lisa Bourne, Elise Bradley, Hayley Bradley, Gillian Clark, Georgina Cockayne, Hannah Court, Gill Fenner, Jeannette Grant, Lindsey Grant, Rachel Guy, Ellie Hawkins, Jeanette Hillman, Jessica Hillman, Anna Hirst, Molly Hirst, Claire Holbrey, Amie Jones, Amie Kidd, Rachel Mawer, Amy McCullagh, Katie Moreton, Bethany Poulton-Dowen, Charlotte Poulton-Dowen, Hayley Preston, Abbie Rai, Rebecca Stephenson, Tina Stephenson, Holly Stringfellow, Emily Stringfellow, Jenny Timmins, Rebecca Timmins, Alex Whitehouse, Vicky Whitehouse

John Arnold, Luke Bennett, Paul Bowman, Martin Deane, Simon Fenner, Ian Jones, Jack Morris, Peter Pingree, Ellis Poole, Andy Poulton, Alf Rai, Luke Robinson, James Vickers

Richard Bourne, Angela Bourne, Chris Clarke, Ian Clarke, Michael Clarke, Andy Cole, Jan Cole, John Leather, Alison Martin, Chris Martin, Margaret Mason, Nick Morgan, Harry Poole, Tamason Poulton, Keith Rowley, Olwen Rowley, Pam Shee, Carol Taylor, Jane Taylor, Hazel Williams




President – Olwen Rowley
Chairman – Paul Bowman
Vice Chairman – Peter Pingree
Hon. Secretary – Ian Jones
Treasurer – Richard Bourne
Ticket Secretary – Pam Shee
Membership Secretary – Ian Clarke
Publicity/Programme/Website – Andy Poulton
Child Licensing & Manager of Chaperones – Chris Clarke
General Committee – Andy Cole


Producer/Choreographer – Janette Cole
Musical Director – Will Joy
Stage Manager – Andy Cole
Assistant Stage Manager – Ian Clarke
Stage Crew – Mike Clarke, John Leather
Wardrobe – Olwen Rowley
Properties – Carol Taylor
Publicity, Website & Programme Design – Andy Poulton
Sound Control – Graham Eccleston
Lighting – Rob Smith
Scenery – Harlequin Panto Productions, Scene Change Studios (Cheshire)
Costumes – Harlequin Panto Productions & Stageworld
Dresser to Dame – Ali Martin
Prompt – Angie Bourne
Front of House Manager – Richard Bourne
Front of House – Pam Shee, Keith Rowley, Chris Clarke, Hazel Williams